Investing in my NYC office suite in the middle of the COVID exodus

I have heard recently from many fellow New York psychotherapists that they’re giving up their office spaces this fall. To listen to them tell it, they’re defiantly walking away from their leases because honoring a commercial lease is for suckers. Now, I’m not sure about their strategy’s ins and outs, but I always thought that people who own big buildings in Manhattan know lawyers and have thought this sort of thing through. But what do I know? Possibly, the idea that tenants would defy their lease and refuse to pay their rent never occurred to them. At any rate, I’m doing the opposite: I’m investing in my office suite and making it more beautiful. In the middle of the COVID exodus, I’m putting money into cleaning carpets and buying new furniture for the psychotherapy offices where I have the primacy lease. If honoring my commercial lease and continuing to pay the rent makes me a sucker, it seems I’m doubling down.

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About Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore, a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Manhattan, a NASW approved Social Work Diplomate, is a graduate of two post-graduate training programs in psychotherapy. Tom treats highly reactive couples, anxiety, depression, addiction and overuse problems, alternative lifestyle issues, executive coaching and workplace difficulties. Tom is a fierce advocate of sexual, race and age diversity and equality. He has consulted with organizations and executives for over 25 years, and is committed to making the workplace friendly, empowering and productive.

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