I’ve known Tom Moore for more than 20 years. He’s a talented clinician with couples, both gay and straight, especially where substance abuse is involved. He’s also an excellent therapist for individuals going through life crises of various sorts. I’ve referred many couples and individuals from my private practice to him and they’re highly pleased with the care they receive.

Dr. Ladd Spiegel, MD, NYC Psychiatrist in private practice   

Tom Moore’s the only therapist I know who’s spent years talking not just with his patients, but with doctors and senior management as an EAP Director. Those experiences give him unique insights that allow him to help professionals effectively manage their careers.

Dr. Kathy Southall, MD, MPH, Internal Medicine, Director, Employee Health and Corporate Care Service   


Tom Moore has a gift that most writers don’t have. He knows how to write characters and what motivates them and he should be applauded for it.

Bruce McKenna, Emmy Award-winning creator, writer and producer of HBO's "The Pacific"   

Tom Moore's professional life as a psychotherapist has given him the tools to write characters in depth. But his love of storytelling has instilled in him a strong sense of dramatic structure and what works.

Robert Hawk, Independent film producer: “Ballets Russes” and “Chasing Amy”    Website   

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