Workplace Consultant

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore, LCSW and Board Certified Diplomate, has been the Administrative Director, Business & Clinical Operations of One Source Employee Assistance Program Services, a behavioral health outpatient service of RWJBarnabas Health healthcare system for 20 years. In that role, he has provided onsite management consultations to a broad range of departments for over 50 companies to analyze workplace problems and offer solutions. Most recently, he has provided training and programmatic services to medical and pharmacy residency programs to help them comply with ASHP and ACGME Common Program Requirements to support the well-being of their residents.

Tom approaches employment problems utilizing therapy, wellness, consultation and educational strategies to help create a friendly, healthy and productive workplace. He has implemented programs individually and as a part of a team and designed programs as diverse as Professional Coaching for leaders, Stress Management to departments and Professional Development to individuals and departments. He has provided clinical oversight on over 1000 management and Employee Health referrals, helping companies intervene with employees struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, interpersonal difficulties and alcohol or drug impairment. He has provided over 200 workplace critical incident debriefings to employees who have been impacted by traumatic events, including: 9/11, medical traumas, suicides, unexpected patient and co-worker deaths and child abuse. Finally, Tom is a frequent presenter of health-related and professional development trainings, and speaks in front of audience on average 35 times a year.

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